Green Home – Redwood City

In 2010 Barrocas Construction built a new spec home using the latest “green” technologies and building methods. We earned an impressive Greenpoint Rating of 203 by installing a super efficient photo voltaic solar system and using materials and appliances that minimize energy use while also minimizing off-gassing and toxins in materials and finishes. We used renewables and recycled materials and native plants in the landscaping in order to create the most environmentally sound home that we could. The home features the following “green” highlights:

  • Three kilo watt photo voltaic solar system to power the home and actually introduce energy into the power grid during the day
  • Solar thermal system for domestic hot water
  • Florescent and LED lights throughout the home for high efficiency lighting
  • Bath lighting connected to occupancy sensors to minimize energy consumption
  • Bath and laundry fans on timers to minimize energy consumption
  • High efficiency whole house fan to cool during summer months
  • Two stage 95% efficient furnace for low energy consumption and low carbon emissions
  • High efficiency Energy Star appliances to minimize energy use
  • Numerous skylights throughout the home to minimize the use of lights during the day
  • Fan in garage to extract toxic fumes and preserve healthy indoor environment
  • All interior building materials of either zero or low VOC for healthy environment inside the home i.e. cabinets and shelving made with plywood (no compressed board with formaldehyde)
  • All paint is zero VOC for healthy interior environment with no off gassing
  • Bamboo flooring throughout the home for minimal environmental impact and for a cleaner, healthier indoor environment especially for those with allergies
  • Recycled cotton and cellulose insulation for minimal environmental impact and to create a healthy environment inside the home
  • Exterior walls framed with 2”X6” studs for added insulation thickness (R-21 value)
  • Tall heel at the eaves allows for attic insulation to cover completely over the exterior walls
  • Double layer of cotton batt insulation in attic provides R-38 value
  • Roof plywood has foil backed radiant barrier to help keep the home cool during the summer months
  • All exterior wall sill plates caulked to minimize drafts from the exterior
  • All penetrations into attic and crawl spaces foam insulated to minimize drafts
  • Roof eaves project out 24” around the home creating shading to maintain cooler indoor temperature during summer months
  • Low flow water conserving faucets and dual flush low flow toilets to minimize water consumption
  • Recirculation line with pump at water heater for water conservation
  • Seventy five percent of all plants are California natives to minimize water use
  • Only 30% of landscaped area is lawn of tall fescue type for low water consumption
  • All plants are on low flow drip system and all sprinklers use low flow water use heads.

Berman, Palo Alto

Hillsborough Remodel

Los Altos Hills

Los Altos Hills remodel and expansion of kitchen, dining room, master bedroom suite and bathrooms.

Menlo Park

Palo Alto 1

Palo Alto remodel and expansion of kitchen, second-story space, and bathrooms.

Palo Alto 2

Complete interior remodel of a 1930′s Birge Clark home in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto 3

This is a two-story addition in Old Palo Alto with a new entry, living room, dining room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and a full finished basement. This project also included a remodel and expansion of the kitchen and breakfast nook and the construction of a new guest house.

Portola Valley

Complete remodel and addition to a Portola Valley home.


We built this new home on an existing house foundation in Woodside. We got the carved wood posts from Michoacán, Mexico and much of the tile is handcrafted in Mexico. The Santos mahogany floors and the granite counter tops are from Brazil.